India’s nuclear scientists are dying mysteriously, yet no worry?


Iran has strongly condemned

the attack on its scientists but

India hasn’t.

A number of India’s nuclear scientists have been dying under mysterious circumstances and the police are classifying them either as unexplained or suicides. Yet, the alarming development has gone largely under-reported in the mainstream media of the nation. According to an article published on the Vice website, two high-ranking engineers K K Josh and Abhish Shivan were found dead on railway tracks. They were not hit by any train but yet were dead. Reports claimed they were poisoned elsewhere before being placed on the tracks to make the deaths look accidental or suicide. Authorities, however, said they were routine incidents, according to the Vice article. Both the dead scientists were working on INS Arihant, India’s first nuclear-powered submarine.


In June 2009, when nuclear scientist Lokanathan Mahalingam’s body was found, the establishment downplayed it saying it was a suicide. “Pakistani outlets”, according to the Vice article, “perhaps unsurprisingly, given relations between the two countries, kept the story going.” Five years before that, an armed group with sophisticated weapons allegedly tried to kidnap an official from India’s Nuclear Power Corporation (NPC) although he managed to escape. Another NPC employee, RVI Mule, had also been murdered but the police failed to make any headway. In April 2011, former scientist Uma Rao was found dead and the police claimed it to be a suicide case as well. There are also cases where the police have concluded a death as “unexplained”. A case in hand is the death of M Iyer, who was found with internal haemorrhage in his skull. The police ended clueless about the death for Iyer had no injury marks and the probe faded out. The question is: Why the media and the political leadership of the country, which are otherwise vocal on every other issue, have chosen to remain silent on this alarming deaths? Iran, too, has witnessed its nuclear personnel being attacked but it has vehemently condemned the acts. In India, there is absolutely no noise even when there are a number of suspects working round the clock to undermine the country’s security.


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